New release - symphonic music of Imants Kalniņš

For the 80th anniversary of Imants Kalniņš, national record company SKANiis releasing an album which for the first time compiles all of the composers most important symphonic works - seven symphonies and three concerts, as well as two symphonic miniatures that have served as the business card of the orchestral style of Imants Kalniņš, and one of the all-time most popular works of the composer - the musical finale for the film Blow Ye Wind(Pūt, vējiņi). 

When congratulating on the big event - the many years of work that have resulted in a 5-disc volume, the conductor of the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra Uldis Lipskis expressed his joy to the composer that the orchestra is able to play so much beautiful music of his, as well as gratitude that the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra has been so lucky to premiere many of the master’s masterpieces. Imants Kalnins, on the other hand, did not hide his delight for these recordings being made: “How beautiful! I have to say thank you - since this album is like the complete works of mine!”

The five-disc album includes all seven symphonies of Imants Kalniņš, including Symphonies No. 4, 5 and 7 that have been previously released by “SKANi”, as well as completely new recordings of sSymphonies No. 1, 2, 3 and 6. All three concertos have been recorded, including the previously released Concerto for Cello and Concerto for Oboe, but the Concerto for Orchestra, as well as two symphonic miniatures - “Santa Cruz”” and the legendary musical final for the film “Blow Ye Winds” (Pūt, vējiņi) has been released by “SKANi” for the first time.

The album has been recorded by the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Atvars Lakstīgala and Māris Sirmais, from 2014 to 2020, and this is the first ever complete release of all symphonic works of the Latvian composer.

“This is one of the long-cherished albums, which we already started planning with the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra in 2014, when we started work on the “SKANi” catalogue. Back then we started with a new recording of Symphony No. 4 by Imants Kalniņš and immediately after we started to get questions from foreign critics about when other symphonies will be available. This was followed by releases of Symphony No. 5 and 7, and now, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, we can proudly say that all symphonic works of Imants Kalniņš have been released,” says Egīls Šēfers, Director of “SKANi”.

The album will be available from January 22  both in CD format and on all most popular music download and streaming platforms around the world. You can order the CD also with us - please find it here!