The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

Liepāja Summer in Rundāle Palace already this August

Following a centuries old cultural link between Liepāja and Rundāle, founded by Duke of Kurzeme, Pēteris Bīrons in 1783, and lately renewed by Imants Lancmanis, the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra invites you to a festival ‘’Liepāja Summer in Rundāle Palace’’ on August 8.

As the manager of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra Uldis Lipskis promises – ‘It will be an opportunity to enjoy fine expression of the beauty of coming together with music, architecture, literacy, nature and people both in the palace and the unique French garden and Green Theater of Rundāle Palace.’

In the White Hall, decorated with snow-white flower threads and carefree angels, the sounds of chamber music will intertwine with the games of evening light in the large windows of the palace, inviting you to be happy – here and now. The palace will be filled with the music of French, Hungarian and Danish composers performed by the masterful musicians of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra's woodwind quintet - Reinis Lapa, Mārtiņš Zālīte, Kārlis Catlaks, Artis Zēns and Ingus Novicāns.

Tamarindu grove, Gethsemane garden or our own silver grove - an infinitely wide range of symbols that show the garden as an enlightening and deeply impressive place to celebrate coming together, a mystical space in which the Master shares his spiritual riches. Therefore, the Green Theater of Rundāle Palace, therefore the thinkers Viesturs Rudzītis and Orests Silabriedis, therefore the modern sister of the mythological lira in the hands of the talented harp musician Dārta Tisenkopfa. The conversation will be about the complex relationship of beauty and power through centuries – of the Ruler and the Muse.

At last, as the August sky darkens, surrounded by thousands and thousands of roses, there will be a meeting with the masculine splendor of bright horn sounds in the closing concert in the French garden of Rundāle Palace. The Liepāja Symphony Orchestra's brass ensemble led by Jānis Retenais, the moving light of a torch and the flashing of a fountain in the colors of the rainbow will give an indescribable sensation to savour in the heart at least until the next festival.

The events are planned so that the guests of the festival would have enough time to see the expositions of the palace museum and the glorious park, enjoy a delicious meal in the great restaurants of the palace and around: 17.00 - Chamber music in the White Hall, 19.00 - Conversation in the Green Theater, 22:00 - concert in the Palace garden.

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the State Culture Capital Fund.

Tickets for individual concerts of the festival, as well as for the whole day of the festival, including a visit to the French Garden, are available at any "Biļešu paradīze" sales points and