The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

LSO educational concerts this time with Art-i-Shock

On 24 April in three concerts (at 10 and 11.30 a. m., and at 1 p. m.) in Liepāja Concert Hall “GREAT AMBER”, Liepāja Symphony Orchestra (LSO) invites children of all ages and youth to learn about the magic of creating music together with the dynamic Art-i-Shock trio.

“This time the concert cycle “Secrets of Creation” will introduce the audience to an extremely interesting and unusual ensemble with an unusual name – Art-i-Shock trio”. The surprise is encoded already in the name of the ensemble and there will be plenty during the concert. Children will have a chance not only to learn about different music styles and maybe even try to play cello, piano and percussion instruments, but also observe this visually fascinating ensemble playing together with Liepāja Symphony Orchestra”, tells musician Egils šēfers, who has been an enthusiastic host of this concert cycle already for four years.

Art-i-Shock trio is one of the most masterful, original and popular chamber ensembles in Latvia and also in Europe with a unique and unusual set of instruments – piano (Agnese Egliņa), percussion (Elīna Endzele) and cello (Guna šnē).

The concert programme will feature Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and Art-i-Shock trio conducted by Andris Vecumnieks playing the fragments from Liepāja Concerto No. 5 “Concertino Art-i-Shock” writen by Vecumnieks in 2014 especially for this trio. Right before the premiere of the Concerto the trio musicians were saying that this is definitely going to be a shocking piece: shockingly melodious, shockingly pleasant to the ear and shockingly untypical for the stylistics of the 21st century music we are used to.

“We will experience new revelations – we will learn what toccata is, what the colours of impressionism are, discover the rhythmic zeal of minimalism and most importantly – we will interact in creating the magic of music”, promises Egīls Šēfers.

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