The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

Orchestra records music by William Wodsworth

In the big hall of GREAT AMBER, the Orchestra conducted by John Gibbons is recording the music by English composer William Wordsworth.

This time Wordsworth’s music is recorded with soloists Arta Arnicāne (piano) and Kamila Bydlowska (violin). The sound engineer of the recording session is Normunds Slava.

“Toccata Classics” is planning to release the recording this year. Many years of collaboration of LSO and “Toccata Classics” has resulted in a number of successful CDs and excellent reviews in the British Gramophone Magazine.
LSO is the most often recorded and released orchestra in “Toccata Classics” history.

Conductor John Gibbons characterises the time spent with LSO as very productive and tells: “It was great pleasure to work with Liepāja Symphony Orchestra again, which is our second recording of British Composer Wordsworth’s music. In Britain, his music has been neglected and it was very exciting to hear the orchestra playing with such high professionalism and care, which truly inspired me and our two soloists and created colourful moments and accents. Possibly the biggest responsibility was caused by the awareness that since 1937 the Three Pieces is recorded for the first time; the music has left the score and become live.”