The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

Agnese Egliņa’s solo recital of music in dance rhythms

On 17 August at 6 p.m. in Liepāja Concert Hall GREAT AMBER a solo recital programme of opulent music in dance rhythms will be given by Agnese Egliņa – one of the most sought-after Latvian pianists.

Always full of energy and optimistic pianist Agnese Egliņa’s performance is characterized by sparkle of brave temperament and delicate feminine sensitivity. She is a musician familiar with humour as chemistry of idea and catharsis as a creative revelation. Agnese mostly performs in brilliant chamber ensembles with the best soloists of Latvia, playing exciting, conceptually refined programmes and performing Latvian contemporary music with Art-i-Shock trio. Agnese Egliņa’s recital is very much awaited – the pianist will play splendid music of piano solo repertoire, complemented by a premiere of music by Latvian composer.

The first part of the concert will begin with Bach’s Italian Concerto and close with Alberto Ginastera’s passionate Argentine Dances. One can simply enjoy listening to rhythmic energy and shades of the melody or try to hear the characters given in the titles: an old boyero or bull drover, a beautiful maiden and a witty gaucho or South American cowboy. Between these two pieces there will be “Ziedu svētki” (Flower Festivity) by Jānis Mediņš. It is known that the composer wrote the piece when in refugee camp; the year is unknown. The music conveys light and vigour of life and romantic longings,” characterises the programme musicologist Dāvis Enģelis. “The second part of the concert will feature early piano preludes by Pēteris Plakidis revealing the bright personality of the composer, and Gershwin’s piano preludes – a bit of blues, slightly capricious characters and slight swing rhythm. Of world classics there will be two rhapsodies by Brahms. Whereas Kārlis Lācis, who has a perfect feeling for music genres, attributing to them individuality and message, has dedicated to the pianist a Latvian Tango. This piece will have a world premiere in LIEPĀJA SUMMER festival.”

Music Festival "Liepāja Summer", annualy organised by Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, is the spiritual heir and continuation of the legendary summer symphony music cycle LIEPĀJA SUMMER, in 1783 iniciated by Peter von Biron, the Duke of Kurland. Many decades residents of Liepāja city and their families have been able to enjoy the symphony music concerts on the open air stage in the seaside park. In the last few years the festival was participated by such artists as Giora Feidman, Gidon Kremer and „Kremerata Baltica”, Avi Avital, Tokiko Kato, Maija Kovaļevska and others.

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