The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

Pēteris Vasks’ anniversary concert in Liepāja

On 21 October at 7 p.m. in the Concert Hall “GREAT AMBER” Liepāja Symphony Orchestra will celebrate the anniversary of one of the world renowned Latvian composers Pēteris Vasks, born in Aizpute. The concert will also launch Vasks’ recent album, recorded last spring by Liepāja Symphony Orchestra under conductor Atvars Lakstīgala in collaboration with WERGO record label.

The new CD includes Pēteris Vasks’ Symphony No. 3 and Concerto for Flute and Orchestra with Dita Krenberga playing the flute solo. It was before the flutist began to work on the recording that she confessed: “Pēteris Vasks’ Concerto for Flute is the composer’s most complicated opus for flute. The music is so meaningful and saturated. For a musician it is spiritually and physically demanding. The recording with Liepāja Symphony Orchestra is a great challenge and responsibility for me.” This is already the second album recorded in collaboration with the prestigious label WERGO. The first one was Pēteris Vasks’ “Sala/ Musica Appassionata /Credo” released in 2015 and sold successfully in Latvia as well as in Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungry, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.

The anniversary concert in “GREART AMBER” will feature two works from the two albums by Pēteris Vasks – Symphony No. 3 and Opus “Musica Appassionata”. Symphony No. 3 was commissioned by Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and premiered in 2005 in Tampere. The Latvian premiere took place in 2006 and was played by Riga Festival Orchestra under the baton of Normunds Šnē. This is the longest (40 min.) and most thoughtful of the composer’s compositions. Vasks’ intention was to reflect the magnificence of the world created by God and to tell the fate of his people and humanity. As the composer himself has explained, the symphony is about “love and believing in basic values, about the never ending confrontation between light and darkness. Or to be more precise – it is what I was thinking while creating the symphony. Actually every listener will have his own musical journey.” Whereas the composition “Musica Appassionata” commissioned by Korsholm Music Festival is an adulation for the magnificent world of God, testimony of life and the miracle of human existence.

The special guest of the composer’s anniversary concert will be the laureate of numerous prestigious competitions and owner of many awards – Russian violinist Sergey Dogadin, who will play the work of indisputable classical romanticism – Violin Concerto in D Minor by Jean Sibelius. Vasks, who was greatly influenced by the music of the great Finnish composer, says: “Sibelius has always been my favourite composer. Like me he loved his country and the folk art of his people. In a way, it is his music that inspires me to rejoice the beauty of Latvia and to realise how strong and favoured is its people which I always keep repeating. It is a great honour to have my music performed in the same programme along with the famous Violin Concerto of this composer of genius.”

Pēteris Vasks is one of the first Latvian composers whose music has been played worldwide and the first whose music is taken care of by the famous publisher in Europe – “Schott Music International”. However, whatever Vasks’ musical language and expression, its aim has always been the same – to keep the light and address the human soul. “I have always felt, that with my music I am doing the same that my farther being a preacher did – I am professing. Maybe I can tell my listeners about the most essential things, or simply comfort them and give strength. It is through words and sound that I am attempting to tell about things I hold most important. I believe that I have the right to offer only the emotions that I have deeply and absolutely experienced myself. For me it is through music that God speaks to us all,” tells Vasks about his work. “Music is the most powerful of all art forms as it is closest to the divine. It is true – music is inconceivable, undefinable, nevertheless it can convey the spiritual. It cannot be expressed in words. There is so much spoken about the physical which makes me ask – where is the spirit, the soul? The souls are like overgrown jungle, which is why I am trying to maintain the light.”

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