The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

Duo Amal at Liepāja International Stars Festival

On 6 March at 6 pm in Liepāja Concert Hall “GREAT AMBER” the 24th Liepāja International Stars Festival will offer a concert of one of the world’s leading piano duos “Duo Amal” − Yaron Kohlberg from Israel and Bishara Haroni from Palestine.

The title of the piano duo “Duo Amal” means “hope” in Arabic. These are two outstanding musicians who also widely perform as solo pianists − Yaron Kohlberg from Israel and Bishara Haroni from Palestine. Currently it is amongst the best piano duos in the world, also known for being endorsed by the well-known conductor Zubin Mehta. The Maestro described them: “Two excellent pianists. This is not only a wonderful sign of friendship but certainly a musical collaboration to enjoy.” The duo is represented by CAMI Agency in New York, working with such well-known superstars of piano performance as Lang Lang and Maurizio Pollini. “Duo Amal” is invited to give concerts in most prestigious concert halls in Europe, Asia and Far East. The performances of the duo have been highly acclaimed in world media. The Sydney Herald called their performance “thrilling”, newspaper Haaretz –“absolute explosion”, while in the Classical Music Network the duo is characterised as ”a striking young piano team”.

Their first duo performance took place in 2008 in Oslo. It was widely and highly acclaimed by European media which praised the musicians’ performance as well as their message that through music making it is possible to develop friendly relationships between the countries of Israel and Palestine, which have a long history of political and ethnic conflicts. Since 2011, the duo has been regularly giving concerts in Europe, USA, Asia and Far East performing a varied repertoire spanning from the Baroque era to the contemporary music. In Liepāja the audience will have a chance to hear the wide-ranging repertoire of “Duo Amal” - from that of romanticism to contemporary music.

Yaron Kohlberg tells about the concert programme: “It will be a varied programme, We have included some of our favourite pieces: Schubert’s music, music composed specially for us − jazzy, fast, and entertaining, as well as slightly abstract contemporary music where we will use piano strings and pedal in different ways. We will also perform the version of Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony by Japanese composer Terashima and will close the concert with Rachmaninoff’s First Suite for two pianos.”

“Duo Amal” will also perform at the opening concert of the 24th Liepāja International Stars Festival on 5 March when it will perform Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.10 for two pianos and Francis Poulenc’s Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra with Liepāja Symhony Orchestra under the guidance of Matthias Manasi.