The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

135th winter season closing with Vestards Šimkus

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra will conclude its 135th winter concert season with two concerts: on 20 May at 7 pm in Concert Hall “GREAT AMBER” and on 21 May at 5 pm at Rundāle Palace featuring pianist Vestards Šimkus.

The closing concert of the Orchestra on 20 May in Concert Hall “GREAT AMBER” will feature the premiere of Liepāja Concerto No. 9 written by Juris Karlsons. “Not long ago astronomers with the help of the Hubble telescope discovered a distant planet which is very similar to Earth. It is just as beautiful and has oceans, atmosphere and maybe even life forms. It was given the name of Gliese 581,” tells the composer. The 20 minutes long, virtuosic Liepāja Concerto No. 9 “Gliese 581” by Juris Karlsons is about ecology, about conscious attitude towards nature of our planet earth, ecology of soul, significance of sense and love and about our future. It is the composer’s warning and affirmation. The Concerto has been given the title after the newly discovered planet – Gliese 581– and is based on intonations of fifth, octave and unison–the numbers denoting planet Gliese 581.

The closing concert will begin with Johannes Brahms’ Variations on a Theme by Haydn. “The theme of the Variations was taken from the opus which during Brahms’ life was thought to be written by Joseph Haydn. It was Saint Antony’s Chorale and only later it turned out that the author was not Haydn but someone else, possibly Pleyel. (…) After all, it is of no importance who the author of the chorale is. It is however important that Brahms’ Variations are excellent and confirm his liking for everything classical, pure and beautiful,” as Orests Silabriedis once said.

In the second part of the concert Liepāja Symphony Orchestra together with pianist Vestrads Šimkus will play Brahms’ Piano Concerto No.3 –serious, and extremely solemn, epic music. The composer wrote it while still young; it has abundant scope and most complicated piano techniques. Thus the youthful, stormy and romantic passion fully and to perfection blends with classically conceptual depth of content. This piano concerto is a true challenge not only for every pianist but also for the orchestra which has to keep the right balance between the lyrics, passion and structure.

“Firstly, this has been a historical season, I would even say, not a page but a whole new book in the history of the orchestra. It is for the first time that the orchestra has its own concert hall – its home,“ describes the 135th concert season of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra its artistic director and principal conductor. ”It has been very challenging for me personally to create and to manage all these concerts. I am satisfied with the results, however, it is not the end – the expectations have grown, we receive much more attention due to the concert hall and we are facing the even more challenging task to fulfil the expectations of our audiences. This has been a challenging year for the orchestra – a new hall, new sound and numerous premieres. We have done our best and it has been a very successful season.”

LSO winter season will be followed by the festival “Liepāja Summer” with 8 concerts in Liepāja from 1 July – 26 August, as well as concerts in Rundāle and Dzintari.

The programme of the winter season closing concert on 21 May in the White Hall of Rundāle Palace will contain Johannes Brahms’ compositions. It will continue the concert series: “Liepāja Sounds in Rundāle Palace” and will be followed by two more concerts on 11 June and 20 August. More information at

The concert in Liepāja is organised in collaboration with Concert Hall “GREAT AMBER”. Tickets to the concerts can be purchased in the box offices of “Biļešu paradīze” and at