The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.

Southern Kurzeme Festival RIMBENIEKS / Rock Ballads

31/07/2021   20:00
Concert Hall GREAT AMBER, Great Hall, Liepāja

Jeronimas MILIUS
Gintaras RINKEVIČIUS / conductor
Liepāja Symphony Orchestra

World-famous rock ballads

Lithuanian rock singer Jeronimas Milius, already well known to Latvian audiences, together with powerful Latvian singers Atis Ieviņš and Andris Ērglis, will take a dazzling trip down memory lane to revisit rock and heavy metal music of the seventies, eighties and nineties. We will hear classics like Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, The Final Countdown by Swedes Europe, Dust in the Wind by Kansas, and many other hit songs. Liepāja Symphony Orchestra under Gintaras Rinkevičius will illuminate them in a new, rich sound.

The new Southern Kurzeme festival bears the name of Evalds Rimbenieks. This man, whose fate not only brought him from a farm in Gramzda, Priekule municipality, to Aizpute and Liepāja, but also made him perform minister duties with Kārlis Ulmanis’ government, was the mayor of Liepāja for many years. Nearly 100 years ago, he was also the founder of the Liepāja Opera, the People’s Conservatory, and the Art School, as well as the restorer of the Liepāja Philharmonic.
The festival invites on a journey around Southern Kurzeme to reveal its cultural and historical heritage, the beauty of its nature and the hospitality of its people while meeting at summer concerts and enjoying passionate performances by musicians of Liepāja. Evalds Rimbenieks’ dream of a developed and highly cultured society is still alive, and it will be promoted by Southern Kurzeme Festival RIMBENIEKS.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

ATTENTION: Concerts are planned with eased safety measures in mind, which means only hosting attendees who are vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19 and can confirm it with a valid Covid-19 certificate. More information on the website of the Culture of Ministry and

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