The unique amber sound of the Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja.


09/11/2018   13:00
Rundāle, Rundāle Palace, White Hall

This time in the concert series "Secrets of Creation", the special guest of our host Egīls Šēfers is the filmmaker and protagonist of the film "How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming?” (“Kā tev klājas, Rūdolf Ming?”), Rūdolfs Miķelsons from Talsi.

Ever since an early age, Rūdolfs has been captivated by film art and is currently studying this field in London. He is visiting in order to help us find out how large the role of music is in film, how music strengthens and even establishes an emotional undertone. Together we will view fragments of classic films, animated films as well as those of Rūdolfs’ own making.

With the help of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and conductor Reinis Lapa, we will experiment with film fragments and collectively look for the most suitable musical compositions.

Tickets: € 2

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