“Rimbenieks” Music Festival - Meditation about the sea

19/08/2023    20.00
Jūrmalciems Netting House

From 4 August until 20 August the “Rimbenieks” Music Festival, which is being held for the third time already, organized by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with the Local Government of the South Kurzeme Municipality, will tour South Kurzeme with 10 different concerts.

The main focus of the Festival will be on chamber music, which will be performed by ensembles consisting of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra musicians, involving other soloists as well.

Meditations about the sea for a singing voice, storyteller and video. Helēna Sorokina, a contemporary music singer born in Latvia and sought-after in Europe, who can do the impossible with her voice, including portraying playing of the sea waves. Patrīcija Vilsone is an originally-thinking young video artist. In addition, the narrative by Orests Silabriedis will intertwine the things seen and heard in one summery evening canvas.

Helēna SOROKINA (mezzo-soprano)
Patrīcija VILSONE (video)
Orests SILABRIEDIS (narrator)


The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the South Kurzeme Municipality.