31st Liepāja International Stars Festival. Vestards Šimkus

10/03/2023    19.00
Concert Hall GREAT AMBER, Chamber Hall, Liepāja

Vestards Šimkus juxtaposes the well-known and the unknown.

We already know from experience that in the music of Alexander Scriabin the talent flourishes in a diverse and passionate way, thus the fantastic galactic patterns drawn by the great master in the interpretation of Vestards Šimkus will take us on an exciting journey. 

Felix Blumenfeld, on the other hand, was Scriabin’s contemporary, an excellent and highly recognized pianist and piano teacher. His music combines romanticism with impressionism by organically intertwining these two seemingly different notions.

Vestards Šimkus

Felix Blumenfeld and Alexander Scriabin

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