Concerto for harp and percussion

03/12/2021    19:00
Concert Hall GREAT AMBER, Liepāja

Do not miss the wonderful reunion of the outstanding Estonian conductor Risto Joost and Liepāja Symphony Orchestra performing Symphony No. 1 by the introvert Finnish genius Jean Sibelius and one of the best known compositions of the Estonian composer Heino Eller, the symphonic poem “Koit” (“Dawn”). To continue, listeners will also witness a world premiere of RIhards Dubra’s double concert for harp and percussion, which is a new version of a concerto for the Latvian plucked string instrument kokle written earlier. To honour the first-performers of this concerto–the bright musicians of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, Marta Kauliņa-Pelnēna and Dārta Tisenkopfa-Muselli–, the author has named the composition Concerto for Two Ladies (“Concerto pour Deux Dames”).

The concert will also be broadcasted live (tickets for the broadcast:

Marta KAULIŅA-PELNĒNA / percussion
Risto JOOST / conductor
Liepāja Symphony Orchestra
Heino ELLER (1887-1970) – symphonic poem “Koit”
Rihards DUBRA (*1964) – “Concerto pour Deux Dames” concerto for harp and percussion (world premiere)
Jean SIBELIUS (1865-1957) – Symphony No. 1
At the entrance, we will ask you to present your Covid-19 certificate, confirming the fact of vaccination against Covid-19 or recovery from the virus. We will also ask you to present your personal identification document and ticket to the event. When in the premises of the Concert Hall and during the whole concert, you must wear a face mask. Please, observe a distance of 2 metres from other attendees while at the Concert Hall. Assigned seats in the Hall will be located at a distance of 2 seats.

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